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Select, drop, and rename dataframe columns in Chez Scheme

This post is the second in a series on the dataframe library for Chez Scheme. In this post, I will contrast the dataframe library with functions from base R and the dplyr package for selecting, dropping, and renaming columns.

A dataframe record type for Chez Scheme

As an exercise in my Chez Scheme learning journey, I have implemented a dataframe record type and procedures to work with the dataframe record type.

Reading and writing JSON files in R and Chez Scheme

I have previously written about how to read and write JSON files in R and Racket. In re-reading that old post, I’m struck by how it shows me tinkering without understanding.

Access Chez Scheme documentation from the REPL

In the process of learning Chez Scheme, I’ve missed R’s ability to quickly pull up documentation from the console via help or ?