Chez Scheme Libraries


Read and write delimited text files, compute descriptive statistics, and generate random variates in Chez Scheme. (related blog posts)


Access Chez Scheme documentation from the REPL. (related blog posts)


A dataframe record type for Chez Scheme with procedures to select, drop, and rename columns, and filter, sort, split, append, modify, and aggregate dataframes. (related blog posts)


Port of gnuplot-pipe egg for Chicken Scheme to Chez Scheme.

R Packages


A map-based interface to the CDECRetrieve package. The goal of this Shiny Gadget is to aid discovery of CDEC gaging stations, sensors available at each station, and dates of availability.

Shiny Apps

Shiny Scorekeeper

A basketball scorekeeper app taken on as a hobby project and learning exercise.

DSM2 HYDRO Visualization Tool

A tool for visualizing DSM2 HYDRO output (HDF5 files) distributed as a desktop application with Electron using the R Shiny Electron template.