chez-stats is now available through Raven

My little statistics library, chez-stats, is now available for installation through Raven, a package manager for Chez Scheme. Raven aims to provide an easy-to-use tool for local package management.

Raven’s installation instructions are straightforward. However, on macOS Catalina, I had to use sudo when making a copy of the Chez Scheme compiler, i.e., sudo cp chez scheme. If you are getting permission errors with curl -L | scheme, then try curl -o && sudo scheme ./

When starting a new project, raven init will prompt you to provide the content to populate a package.sc1 file with the metadata for your project. raven init also creates a lib folder for housing the packages you install in your project with raven install PACKAGENAME. It is not necessary to run raven init first. raven install PACKAGENAME will also create a lib folder and file that you can then edit with your favorite text editor.

chez-stats itself has no dependencies, but the tests depend on the srfi package (srfi 64) and chez-stats. Thus, the test folder is a separate project within the chez-stats repository with its own file.2 From within the tests folder, you can run raven install, which will read and create the lib folder with the dependencies installed. Then raven run will run the tests.3

I’ve only covered basic Raven functionality. See the documentation to learn about the full capabilities.

  1. If you add *.sc linguist-language=Scheme in .gitattributes for a repository, then GitHub will associate your .sc files as Scheme, not Scala, files.

  2. At the time of this writing, Raven hadn’t yet picked up the version of chez-stats that uses this file structure, but it is available in the chez-stats repo on GitHub.

  3. Alternatively, you could run the tests with chez --libdirs "./lib:".