Storing parameters in named lists and hash tables in R and Racket

When building a simulation model in R, I might want to group related input parameters into a data structure. For example, in a life cycle model with resident and anadromous fish, you might use different fecundity parameters for each life history type. One option is to create different objects for each fecundity parameter. fecundity_resident = 1000 fecundity_anadromous = 4000 That option is not unreasonable with only two fecundity parameters but it becomes cluttered with many values.

Nested for loops in R and Racket

I have recently started learning Racket. For a first task, I tried to build a simple age-structured population model. I hit a stumbling block and reached out to the helpful folks on the Racket mailing list. In this post, I recap the mailing list exchange with a target audience of R programmers that are interested in learning more about Racket. The simple model used for this exercise is a deterministic multistage Beverton-Holt model.